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ALL CHOCOLATES ARE HAND PAINTED AND MADE TO ORDER. A perfect novelty gift for any special lady in your life, who deserves jewellery or gems of the affordable, edible kind! This Belgian chocolate bar, is topped with hand painted white Belgian chocolate gemstones, in multi colours and shapes, which can be changed to suit your taste. A touch of 100% edible food glitter, is sprinkled over the bar to give an extra little sparkle. Great for wives, girlfriends, Mums, Nans, Grans or friends...Would even make a fun gift for a real life jeweller! This bar suits any age, and will amuse anyone from a youngster, to those of the older generation. I can also hand paint a name or message..eg....'You're a Gem!'...if you wish to personalise the gift. Available in milk, white or plain chocolate bars. All gems are made from white chocolate. Bar weighs approx 115g Bar measures approx 15cm x 7.5cm (6 inch x 3 inch) Wrapped and presented in a gift box with ribbon. PLEASE NOTE: Some paint colours used, may include E102, E104, E122, E124, E129 which are labelled for European Union use "May have adverse effect on activity and attention in children". Please contact me if you have any concerns relating to E numbers (food additives) contained in any particular item in my shop. Paint colours may temporarily stain teeth and mouth. SHOP FAQ's & USEFUL INFORMATION WHAT'S IN THE PAINTS? My paints are water (not alcohol) based and also contain, cornflour, emulsifier, soya lecithin, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. They are 100% edible, vegetarian friendly, nut free, kosher and halal... and are tested to the food standards required by European Union legislation. Paints are all used in small quantities, only painted on the front, outer surface, with the rest of the chocolate untouched. The taste is unaffected. HOW LONG DOES THE CHOCOLATE LAST + STORAGE INFO All chocolates from my shop SHOULD BE KEPT WELL WRAPPED and in the FRIDGE. This protects the chocolate and the food paints. I send STORAGE and ALLERGEN details, and a BEST BEFORE date (generally 8 weeks from purchase), with each order. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A USE BY DATE. The chocolate is perfectly fine for longer, (up to 4 months), but I find it useful to give a best before date, to encourage the recipient to actually eat it! Yes, it's chocolate, but I guess because it is more unusual than standard chocolate gifts, the danger is.... it may be thought of as ' too special to eat' for a little too long! I generally ship and send my orders within 2 days of making them, so your chocolate will be at it's very best. CHOCOLATE INFORMATION & CARE PLEASE ALSO READ MY FAQ; 'HOW LONG DOES THE CHOCOLATE LAST + STORAGE INFO' Chocolate is affected by moisture, light, temperature, and exposure to air, any of which can cause it to 'bloom', ie. the fat particles rise to the surface, and cause a white 'chocolate rash'. It can spoil the appearance of any unpainted chocolate, but it is still fine to eat. In my experience, paint covered chocolate is less likely to bloom,....but of course, it can still melt!! Handmade chocolate that is not produced and wrapped in factory conditions, will not last like a bar of Cadbury's! Exposure to paints, and air drying time, mean that my chocs should be kept well wrapped and refrigerated (when received), to protect the paints and be at their best. ALLERGEN/VEGAN/VEGETARIAN INFORMATION PLEASE ALSO READ MY OTHER FAQ; 'WHAT'S IN THE PAINTS?' I only use high quality, BELGIAN chocolate for ALL my chocolates, including all the miniatures. ALL MY CHOCOLATES ARE SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND ARE GLUTEN FREE, BUT ONLY MY PLAIN (DARK) CHOCOLATE IS SUITABLE FOR VEGANS. MY FOOD PAINT COLOURS are all VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY and GLUTEN FREE. The majority of colours are also VEGAN FRIENDLY, but can be checked on request. I have also made DAIRY FREE chocolate gifts, using my PLAIN DARK CHOCOLATE. I make several items containing peanut butter, so CANNOT BE CLASSIFIED AS 'NUT FREE', however I only use specific moulds for the peanut butter items, with the remainder used for solid chocolates. ITEMS MAY CONTAIN NUT TRACES. ARE ALL ITEMS 'MADE TO ORDER'? YES! I list all items as more than 1 in stock, as many customers wish to order more than one of the same item or chocolate set. The item will also disappear from my Etsy shop when it is sold, if I do not list more than one available. That's why I never show only one item in stock...because I am always able to make more!! PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK THE DESPATCH DATE (Also known as Shipping date or Posting date) SHOWN ON YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION. I DO NOT sell 'off the shelf' items, therefore I have to mould, paint, dry and package each item, before they can make their way to you. ALL MY ORDERS ARE GIFT ORDERS! IT IS VITAL THAT YOU TAKE NOTE OF THE DESPATCH DATE.... AND THEN ALLOW FOR THE ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES, AS SHOWN TO YOUR COUNTRY!! ADVANCE ORDERS - CHRISTMAS & SEASONAL PERIODS PLEASE ALSO READ MY OTHER FAQ; 'HOW LONG DOES THE CHOCOLATE LAST.' As I like to make and ship my chocs within 2-3 days, it's very hard for me to cope with a sudden surge of seasonal orders. I understand that you wish to receive your order with the longest shelf life, therefore I am happy to agree a mutually acceptable dispatch date, for orders purchased in advance. These orders will take priority when the seasonal rush begins, and I may need to close my shop to new orders. Sticking to agreed dispatch dates is very important to me, both from an organisational point of view, but also for the peace of mind of the customer. I am happy to suggest timescales for overseas delivery, but can never guarantee them. SHIPPING/POSTAGE INFORMATION PLEASE ALSO READ THE 'Estimated Delivery Times' SHOWN ON THE ITEM LISTING FOR YOUR COUNTRY. UK PARCELS are sent using Royal Mail 1st class service (delivery time of 1-2 days), which must be added to my processing times, which do vary. All items are MADE TO ORDER so I cannot routinely make and send in 1 or 2 days! INTERNATIONAL PARCELS - are sent using Royal Mail 1st class tracked service, or select a tracked + signed service (extra cost). I pack very carefully and note temperatures at the destination address, but unfortunately HEAT MELTS! PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE TEMPERATURES IN YOUR AREA WHEN ORDERING! Photos of broken items are required in order for me to make a claim with Royal Mail, who will require your details to verify the claim.
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